Survey Echo Sounder


  • IMO, Wheelmark & HSC certified.
  • Economical one-box solution, small, lightweight and versatile.
  • Fast initial settle time.
  • Multiple analogue and digital outputs
  • Dynamic heading accuracy of 0.6°
  • Static heading accuracy of 0.1°
  • MTBF of 30,000hrs
  • High turn rate of 200° per second


The Meridian gyrocompass is suitable for the ever-changing needs of a modern integrated navigation bridge system. This includes highly accurate performance with low cost of ownership and system flexibility. Due to the Meridian’s small size and fast settle time of less than 45 minutes, there is no limit to the type of vessel for which it is suitable.

The Meridian gyrocompass can be installed as a stand-alone unit for GMDSS, or together with our comprehensive range of repeaters and ancillaries, it becomes a single or dual gyro system within a fully integrated bridge system. For simple installation the Meridian offers a large array of digital and analogue
outputs plus easy to use digital setup and self-test modes that are activated via the control unit.


The versatility and flexibility of the Meridian Gyrocompass can be clearly demonstrated with the remote control unit option which is supplied with the gyrocompass system. This gives freedom for the operator to install the main unit in the most convenient location whilst installing the remote control unit where it can be seen and regularly used.


The heart of the Meridian Gyrocompass is the element, which is a dynamically tuned gyroscope (DTG). The DTG is a high precision technology which, due to its size, accuracy, reliability and shock resistance is used in many different applications. With a standard connection to GPS, Loch and the acceptance of very fast rate of turn (up to 200° per second), the heading is very stable and the compass can be installed on vessels of any size. The DTG is a maintenance-free dry element with a mean time between failure of 30,000 hours.


Display 360 deg Compass Card and Digital Display
Settle Point Error 0.25 deg secant latitude
Static Error 0.10 deg secant latitude RMS
Dynamic Accuracy 0.60 deg secant latitude
Settle Point Repeatability 0.25 deg secant latitude
Follow up speed 200 deg/ sec
Settling Time 45 mins. or less, to within 0.7 deg
S type:

1 x Step by Step (SV TTL), six steps per degree
Synchro: 1 x 26V 400Hz Sector Value 3600(1:1 ratio) 11.8V line to line
Serial Data: 11 x RS 422, NMEAO163
5 x HS 232, NMEA 0163
1 x Printer Port, NMEA 0183
1 x R.O.T. i 200/sec. (I 1OV)

5V TTL power fail/gyro fail
  5V TTL system ready
Latitude: NMEA 0183 via R5232 or R5422 from GPS

Pulse or contact closure at 100, 200 or 400 per NM trom Log
  NMEA 0183 via R5232 or R5422 from Log
Latitude: 800N to 800S
Speed: 0 – 90 knots
Environmental Specifications
Ambient Operating Temperature: 00C to 450C, -150C + 550C (with reduced accuracy)
Storage Temperature: -250C to + 800C
Gimbal Limits: + 450 Pitch and Roll
Mean Time Between Failure: 30,000 hours
Shock: 10g
Operating Voltage
Input Voltage: 24Vdc (18 – 36Vdc)
Start Up 3A on start up
Dimensions 344mm (H) x 267 mm (W) x 440mm (D)
Weight 15.5kg
Standards conformities
1M0A424 (Xl), 1M0A821 (19), BS EN 60945, BS EN ISO 8728.1994, BS 6217.1981
CE Marking, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive and the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC