Survey Echo Sounder


  • Built in Digitizer with RS232 and RS422 Data Output Interface Ports
  • Advanced, Microprocessor-Based Electronics
  • Thermal Recorder
  • NAME 0183 Navigation Input Interface
  • Selected DC or AC Input Power
  • Automatic Chart
  • Remote Mark Input

The Bathy-500 Electronic Survey Instrument used to generate precision chart recordings and digital data output. Technologically sophisticated, utilizing modern, microprocessor based electronics and a thermal chart recorder mechanism.

igital processing enables the instrument to offer fully automatic bottom digitising capabilities. When interfaced with a NMEA 0183-compatible position sensor, the echo sounder provides complete, integrated hydrographical survey environment.



  • Depth Range : 160m (480ft)
  • Accuracy ± 0.5%
  • Depth Resolution 0.1 unit


  • 40 kHz / 200kHz
  • 600 Watts Output Power