Valeport Tidemaster

Valeport the TideMaster is the latest tide gauge in their wide range of tide measuring options. Designed to replace the ever popular Model 740, the TideMaster incorporates many enhancements.

An IP67 rated injection moulded housing incorporates the electronics and a display option with a quick access battery location for the 4 x C cell batteries required. Inputs for pressure-based tidal measurement and a Gill Windsonic for primary Met data offer a simple and cost-effective instrument.

 Pre-programmed sampling regimes for standard tide measurement feature along with a 512 Mbyte SD memory card and Bluetooth wireless communication. Standard cabled communications via RS232/RS485 are present. Telemetry options via Radio, GSM and GPRS are available through connection to a separately housed module.

 TideMaster is supplied with an injection moulded mounting bracket for easy mounting to any wall or face and incorporates a locking device to secure the main housing. Units will be available for purchase late October for delivery in November. For users of the 740 model, production will continue with a gradual phase out during 2010. The 740 will be supported thereafter for 5 years.