Trimble SPS 461 DGPS

The Trimble SPS461 DGPS is a high-value answer to the many demands of marine construction, providing sub-meter precision for a wide range of marine construction applications.

•    Dredging

•    Positioning (tugs / anchors)

•    Navigation

•    Rock and material placement

•    Bathymetric survey

The Trimble SPS461 receiver uses RTCM DGPS corrections either broadcast free by Beacon stations, from SBAS (satellite based augmentation systems) or via an external radio or Internet connection from a local reference station. Trimble EVEREST™ technology improves results in high multi-path environments such as those encountered on construction vessels and port construction sites.

The SPS461 DGPS Heading and Positioning Receivers are modular, dual-antenna systems for marine construction and hydrographic survey, including precise placement of piles, bridges, caissons, offshore drilling rigs and coastal defenses – providing you with dredge head positioning, vessel positioning, vessel heading, and pitch or roll.

The Trimble SPS461 DGPS Heading Receivers offer numerous benefits for marine construction contractors, including:

Rapid deployment, easy integration

High-precision, dual-frequency GPS heading with fast initialization

Data to easily determine the position of other sensors on a vessel

Support for a range of correction services to provide the position accuracy you need