The TOPCON GTS-230N Series are the innovative successor to the bestselling GTS­210/220 Series Total Stations.

The GTS-210 Series with "Waterproof" design brought revolution to the surveying industry with features and durability. Now the new GTS-230N Series have up-graded their basic functions for distance and angle measurement in addition to maintaining superb durability against the environment.

The GTS-230N Series has a large 24 key keyboard as standard.


  • Conventional, Compact and Robust Body
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Improved operation software
  • On-board data collection
  • Field application program
  • New road software
  • Electronic Field Books

Specification: Topcon GTS-230N

  • Measuring Range      :   1m to 3000m (9,900ft)
  • Display Resolution    :   1’’/0.2 mgon /0.005 mil/  5’’/1mgon / 0.002 mil,
  • Accuracy                    :  ±(2mm + 2ppm ×D) m.s.e.