Dredging Monitoring Works

Dredging is a process of removing sediments and debris from the bottoms of lakes, rivers, harbors and any water bodies. It is done routinely in waterways all over the world since its a natural process for sand and slit washing downstream to gradually fill channels and harbors.

Dredging often focuses on either maintaining or increasing the depth of navigation channels for ships, anchorages, and also berthing areas for safe passage of boats and ships. Dredging plays a vital role in all ports and harbors across the world as it ensures the smoothness of large ships navigating and harboring for import and export purposes.

Dredging is also done for construction purposes in the ocean and cable laying on the ocean bottom. Dredging also benefits urban development and the environment for rivers that runs through a city.

The process of determination of Dredger position in relative to the dredging area in such that the dredging is conducted within the dredge limit as required by the client.

Application: Dredging Operations.