Scope of services

HYDRO MAPPERS SDN BHD [HMSB] is capabilities include Hydrographic and Land Survey Works.

Hydrographic survey work, including a bathymetry survey [MBES/SBES], DGPS (Onshore/Offshore Positioning Services), Side Scan Sonar Survey (SSS), Geophysical Sub-Bottom Profiling (SBP), Submarine Cable / Pipe Laying Positioning Works, Dredging Monitoring Works, Direct Reading Current Metering (DRCM), Tidal Observation & Analysis, Soil / Water Sampling and Gravity Corer while.

For Land Survey Works include Planimetric Control, Topographic Survey, Levelling, Soil Settlement Monitoring  and Setting-out.









HME’s capabilities include fabrication services for Onshore and Offshore structures. We specialize in the structural repair and installation as well as custom design and fabrication as per clients’ requirement. Custom services include the design and fabrication of vessel “A” Frame, moon pool, offshore baskets and equipment hook-up.

High quality materials and skilled labour are assigned to manage and complete each project with strict compliance to agreed specifications per industry best practices.

We also offer maintenance, servicing, testing and commissioning of offshore geophysical and geotechnical survey equipment, offshore support vessel installation, sea fastening of equipment as well as on-site emergency repairs and services.

Our services also include the complete mobilization of offshore Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey vessels, ROV, barges and support vessels through detailed analysis and comprehensive support by our project specialists and engineers. Custom-made solutions are designed and executed to suit the complexity of each project.

Our dedicated team is constantly available to our clients at any time to ensure the project is efficiently and effectively executed.

HME’s yard in Kemaman consists of fabrication yard, storage facilities, forklifts, ramps, Miller welding machines, cutters, ARC Machines, Argon, TIG, MIG, Hoist, Weld and Joint Test Equipment, mobile workshop for in-situ repairs.

Safety is our priority. Our facility is equipped with all relevant safety equipment, safety engineering controls and systems per industry best practices.